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Alfamino® is an amino acid based formula for infants with severe cow's milk protein allergy. More about ALFAMINO®
Alfamino® Junior
Alfamino® is an amino acid based formula for infants with severe cow's milk protein allergy. More about ALFAMINO® JUNIOR
Alfare® is an extensively hydrolysed 100% whey protein formula for infants with cow's milk protein allergy. More about ALFARÉ
The Arginaid® range features nutritional supplements designed to assist with wound management. More about ARGINAID
Benecalorie® is a high calorie food fortifier, which is designed to combat significant weight loss. More about BENECALORIE®
Beneprotein® is a high-quality 100% whey protein powder to help maintain muscle. More about BENEPROTEIN®
Fiber Choice Logo
FIBER CHOICE contains 100% partially hydrolysed guar gum, (PHGG) which is a soluble, prebiotic fibre to support gut function and helps contribute to regular bowel movements. More about FIBER CHOICE®: THE SMART CHOICE!
Impact® Advanced Recovery is designed to meet the nutritional needs of major surgical patients. More about IMPACT® ADVANCE RECOVERY
Isosource® provides nutritionally complete liquid nutrition for short or long term tube feeding. More about ISOSOURCE®
Kid Essentials®
A nutritionally complete powdered supplement specially formulated for children aged 1 to 10 years. More about KID ESSENTIALS
NCare® provides a secure and convenient approach to help manage patients’ nutrition requirements. More about NCARE
Novasource® provides support for those with renal failure or enteral nutrition related diarrhoea. More about NOVASOURCE®
NUTREN Diabetes is a low GI supplement providing complete nutrition without negatively impacting blood sugar levels. More about NUTREN
Optifast® is a nutritionally complete very low calorie diet for the dietary management of obesity. More about OPTIFAST® VLCD™ PROGRAM
Peptamen Junior
Peptamen® Jr is a whey protein peptide based formulation for children with gastrointestinal impairment. More about PEPTAMEN® JUNIOR
Resource® has a range of oral nutritional supplements for those with increased nutrient needs. More about RESOURCE®
Sustagen® is a range of nutritional supplements that provide essential nutrients for health. More about SUSTAGEN®
Resource ThickenUp
Resource® ThickenUp® has a range of products specifically designed for people with dysphagia. More about THICKENUP®
Vivonex® Ten is a low fat elemental formula to help patients with gastrointestinal impairment. More about VIVONEX®