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About us

We believe that embracing the science of nutrition can transform how we manage our health.


Our story

Built on decades of innovation and dedication, Nestlé Health Science was founded in 2011 by people passionate about the power of nutrition. Since then, we've changed a lot as a company, but our commitment to healthier lives certainly hasn't. From newborn babies to the most senior citizens, we provide nutrition and nourishment where it's needed most.

And to achieve that, it all comes down to science. Through extensive research and development, working with healthcare providers and focusing on innovation, we’re bringing the latest advances in nutrition to the world, because we're committed to customers, patients and caregivers everywhere. We'll help them live their lives at their best—that's a promise.

Our growth goals

Our growth goals

We want people to live their healthiest lives, through nutrition rooted in science. We have a range of brands to help them do this across over 140 countries—but we're not stopping there. By expanding our offering around the globe and constantly working on the latest nutritional innovations, we'll be helping more and more people maintain or improve their health, while proving ourselves as leaders in the science of nutrition.
How we are structured

How we're structured

We're a globally managed business within Nestlé, and play a key role in its nutrition, health and wellness strategy. That means we benefit from all the great resources of the Nestlé Group, while having the freedom to pursue our own opportunities.

We forge new partnerships, invest in companies with similar goals to us, and acquire companies that complement our global portfolio. Based at the Nestlé Research Center in Vers-chez-les-Blancs, Switzerland, we have market-level headquarters in all the countries we operate in.

A team of experts

A team of experts

From newborn babies to our most senior citizens, we provide nourishment for all ages. Whether it’s people who want to fill nutritional gaps in their active lifestyles, or those who need special nourishment for certain conditions, we give them what they need to maintain and improve their health. With expertise ranging from medical nutrition to active lifestyle nutrition to pharmaceutical solutions, we work with a global network of healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, pharmacists, academics and researchers to develop the best options for individual needs.
Across the World

Healthier lives across the world

You'll find our products in more than 140 countries, brought to you by a team of 11,000 employees dedicated to the power of nutrition. We work with a vast network of scientific researchers and developers, keeping our products at the cutting edge. With 18 factories around the world, our global supply chain is constantly growing.

Our customers have different needs and preferences from country to country, so we tailor our offering to meet their requirements. With our Product Technology Centers in Europe, China and the USA, we're always ready to adapt with local solutions.

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