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V2U Low Protein Foods


  • Mevalia: Pasta, Rice, Burger Mix, Snacks & Sweets* 
  • Fate: Low Protein All Purpose Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix and Cake Mix* 
  • Vitaflo Choices: Mini LP Crackers* 


Click here: Low Protein Foods Price List


Mevalia Nutritional Information: www.mevalia.com



*To order V2U Low Protein Foods have credit card ready and call- 1800 230 889


V2U Home Pharmacy Delivery (Prescription)

Click on the link to go to V2U Home Pharmacy Delivery Registration - V2U Home Delivery Pharmacy Delivery

Nutrition Support Products (Non-prescription)

  • SOS range (SOS10, SOS15, SOS20, SOS25)

Products can be ordered by:
Telephone: 1800 230 889 Email:  enquiry@vitaflo.com.au

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