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Why Nutren Page

NUTREN Diabetes is great-tasting nutrition
that does not negatively impact blood glucose levels

If you are finding it difficult to get the nutrition you need while managing diabetes, NUTREN Diabetes can help.


Where can I get NUTREN Diabetes?

NUTREN Diabetes is available in trusted pharmacies and distributors nationally.

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Getting the right nutrition

NUTREN Diabetes provides your body with balanced nutrition, including:


Together with exercise, protein helps you to build and maintain
muscle mass, which is especially important as we age

Vitamin C

Essential for cartilage and bone health, and also supports
your immune system

Vitamin D and Calcium

These nutrients work in harmony to keep your bones healthy,
and are especially important as you get older

Dietary fibre

Helping you to maintain digestive health – remember to drink
enough fluids for fibre to benefit the body

Convenient low GI nutrition

Living with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes can mean that there may be some changes to your lifestyle, including some changes to your food intake. Sometimes it may be difficult to get all of the nutrients you need whilst ensuring you manage your blood glucose levels.

This is why NUTREN Diabetes has been specially formulated to help people with diabetes and pre-diabetes get the nutrition they need, without negatively impacting blood glucose levels.

It is a great breakfast option to set you up for the day ahead, or can be consumed with meals or between meals to help boost your energy, protein, vitamins and minerals if you require extra nutrition.

NUTREN Diabetes contains a slowly digestible carbohydrate for glucose control and is also:

  • Low GI certified
    (liquid - 33 and powder - 34)
  • Source of fibre to help support
    digestive health
  • High in protein to help
    support muscle mass.
  • 27 essential vitamins and
  • Complete & balanced nutrition

Managing blood glucose levels throughout the day


Starting your day right can help set you up for the day, so it’s important to consume a nutritious breakfast drink which is low GI, with a source of fibre, to help manage blood glucose levels throughout the day

For people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, skipping breakfast can have knock-on effects throughout the day, which may result in blood glucose levels being higher and insulin production may be lower after lunch and dinner.

So if you have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, it’s important to choose a breakfast that is low GI, high in protein and with high fibre, to help set you up for the day ahead.

NUTREN Diabetes is low GI, high in protein and with a source of fibre, making it a tasty and nutritious breakfast option that won’t negatively impact blood glucose levels. If you find it difficult to have the right food at breakfast, this is where NUTREN Diabetes can help.

Food for dietary management of diabetes

A healthy diet is important for everyone, but for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes, even more so.


Uncontrolled blood glucose levels in the long-term can lead to serious complications, including kidney disease, nerve damage and eye damage1.

Pre-diabetes means that blood glucose levels are higher than normal, however are not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle changes including an appropriate diet, can help avoid the progression to diabetes.

Some of the dietary recommendations for managing diabetes include:

  • Regular meals and spread them evenly throughout the day:
  • Moderate amounts of low Glycemic Index (GI), high fibre foods:
  • A diet lower in fat, particularly saturated fat.

To help provide additional nutrition and manage blood glucose levels throughout the day, NUTREN Diabetes is a nutritious drink that can help meet these requirements. It is low GI, high in protein and with a source of fibre, as well as great-tasting and convenient for when you are on-the-go.

NUTREN Diabetes is specially formulated for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes to help you get the protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre your body needs to function at its best.