Drinking with Dysphagia

Once diagnosed with dysphagia your Speech Pathologist may advise you to change the consistencies of your food and drink to make swallowing safer. Thickened drinks and softer food may be safer to swallow because they are easier to control in your mouth; they also move more slowly down the throat, allowing your muscles time to protect your airway.

Your Speech Pathologist may advise on specific manoeuvres, and techniques. They may also give advice on positioning, posture and specific adapted equipment to help (dysphagia spoons, cups that limit volume of fluids to swallow at a time).

They may also recommend exercises for you to do to help strengthen the muscles in your mouth used for chewing, biting and swallowing your food.

A thickening powder such as Resource® ThickenUp™ Clear may be recommended by your Speech Pathologist. This will thicken your drinks to a safe consistency for swallowing. Your Speech Pathologist will advise you on the consistency appropriate for you.

Mixing instructions for Resource® ThickenUp Clear:

Resource-Thicken-Up-mixing instructions

What is Resource® ThickenUp™ Clear?

Resource® ThickenUp™ Clear is a powder that when mixed with your drink thickens within minutes giving you a safe drink to swallow. Resource® ThickenUp™ Clear does not change the taste, smell, or look of your drink ensuring you can still enjoy your favourite beverage. It can be mixed with hot, cold, fizzy and still drinks.

RESOURCE® THICKENUP® Clear is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of people with swallowing difficulties. Must be used under medical supervision.