ARGINAID® Arginine Powder | Wound Care

ARGINAID® Arginine Powder

ARGINAID® is a fat free arginine powder designed for people with chronic wounds. Suitable for oral or tube feed use and provides 0.11 kcal/mL.


ARGINAID® powder is a medical food arginine module specially formulated for the dietary management of altered physiologic or metabolic conditions that respond to increased arginine intake.


Nitrogen information:

  • One serving of ARGINAID® powder provides 4.5g of the amino acid L-arginine (1.4 grams nitrogen)
  • A single amino acid does not meet the dietary requirement for protein.


Mixes quickly and easily with water.

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Arginine supplements to support the unique nutritional needs of wound care

ARGINAID® and ARGINAID® Extra is a food for special medical purposes specifically formulated with L-Arginine for the nutritional management of wounds.  
Must be used under medical supervision.