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V2U home delivery

V2U - home delivery for patients

Vitaflo’s V2U Free Home delivery service is a safe and reliable service delivering Vitaflo® products that are on prescription directly to your door. Once you are registered with V2U and send us your prescription Vitaflo organises your script to be dispensed and arranges delivery. It is a free and efficient service offering good customer support and service. 


It is possible to complete the form and send it to us using your smartphone. We suggest downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader application on either the iOS Store or Google Play Store. Once complete use the 'share' button and send it to


If you are wanting to register for the V2U Free Home Pharmacy Delivery program, please continue to scroll down the page and download the registration form.


If you are wanting to order V2U Low Protein Foods, please click on the following link - V2U Low Protein Foods.


If you are a Health Care professional, hospital or pharmacy and wish to place an order please go to Ordering.


V2U Offers...


Products delivered to you in a timely manner, so you can get back to your day to day life.

Free Delivery*

We can deliver to your home, work or even holiday destination!

Peace of Mind

Safe and reliable product supply. Never run out of your favourite flavour or product.

A Friendly Reminder

We will contact you to make sure you always have enough repeat prescriptions for your next order.

Getting Started

Get your prescription from your doctor.


Send your prescription with the completed application form to Vitaflo via email or registered post.


V2U will arrange for your product to be dispensed and delivered.



Advantages of V2U home delivery
What are the advantages of V2U Home Delivery for you?
  • Reliable & safe product supply - you will receive the correct product, the right flavour and correct prescribed amount when you order
  • Ease of ordering - Once you are registered with V2U to reorder simply phone Freecall: 1800 230 889 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or Email:
  • Saves you time
  • Fast, reliable and free delivery service direct to your address of choice:
    o No more hassle finding time to go to the pharmacy
    o No more lugging heavy products to and from your car
    o Flexible deliveries to meet your needs whether to your home; place of work or another chosen address.
    o Deliveries are between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday
  • No delivery charges- yes V2U is a free home delivery service to make life a little easier.
  • Friendly reminders when it’s time to place your order again so no more running out of product again. You choose your reminder method- phone, SMS or email.We also remind you when a new script is needed.
    The driver will be uniformed, wear an ID tag and is police checked. A signature is required at time of delivery to receive the ordered product.

Can I fill this out on my mobile?
It is possible to complete the form and send it to us using your smartphone. We suggest downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader application on either the iOS Store or Google Play Store. Once complete use the 'share' button and send it to

What happens after I fill in the application form?
Once you have completed the application form post this form with your script to Vitaflo® Australia at Unit 3/119 Balliang St South Geelong VIC 3220.
Vitaflo will then contact you to organise your product delivery date. Vitaflo will arrange dispensing of your product and delivery to your door. You will be given a friendly reminder to prompt you to reorder each month and when you need to obtain a new prescription from your Doctor.

What products can I get delivered through V2U?
V2U will deliver any Vitaflo products you order such as your protein substitute (such as Cooler, Gel or Express), Prozero protein free energy drink etc. These products are all subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and thus a valid prescription is required before ordering. Vitaflo also has products that can be purchased without a prescription and these can be delivered with your pharmacy dispensed products via V2U. Simply tell us what you would like to purchase when you reorder. These products include Fate low protein flours, Vitabite low protein chocolate flavoured bars, Mini crackers and the SOS range.

What if I am not at home when my delivery is due?
If you know that you will not be at home on your delivery day please let Vitaflo know in advance, and alternative arrangements can be made. If you have ordered a PBS dispensed product a signature is required upon delivery. If you miss the delivery please phone Vitaflo.

What if I run out of my product?
This should not happen, as you will receive a friendly reminder when it’s time to reorder each month. However if it does happen, contact Vitaflo immediately to arrange an urgent delivery.

Is delivery really free?
Yes, all your Vitaflo products are delivered free of charge direct to your door.

Why do you need my credit card details?
The only cost to you is the normal pharmacy dispensing fee. As the products are PBS prescribed they must be dispensed by a registered pharmacist. You are required to pay the dispensing fee and we charge you via your credit card when your product is dispensed. The fee is the usual fee for you to fill a script.

What if I want to try a new flavour or a different product?
Speak to your dietitian and they will arrange for some samples to be sent to you from Vitaflo. If you like the new flavours or products, let us know when you reorder. Sometimes a new prescription will be required.

What if my prescription changes?
If you are given a new prescription please contact Vitaflo to notify us of the change. You need to send the new prescription to Vitaflo before we can dispense the product.

What if I want to cancel my home delivery?
You can cancel your home delivery of your Vitaflo products at any time. Call Vitaflo to notify us of any changes or cancellations