Ways to improve nutritional intake

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Ways to improve nutritional intake

Despite best intentions, it can often be difficult to consume all of the nutrients required to maintain a well-nourished body. Following are some tips for increasing nutritional intake, to make the most out of every mouthful.

  • Eat little and often if large meals are overwhelming
  • Eat when you feel best (eg. If you feel best over the first half of the day, focus on eating during that time)
  • Snack on nourishing foods such as cheese and biscuits, yoghurt and nuts between meals
  • Consume nourishing drinks such as milk drinks or smoothies instead of low energy drinks such as water, tea, coffee or diet drinks
  • Choose creamy or hearty soups instead of broths
  • Daily exercise can stimulate appetite, as well as helping with depression, and strengthen bones and muscles. Speak to your healthcare professional about your ability to exercise.
  • If you’ve been following a special diet, check with your healthcare professional to see if dietary restrictions are still needed.