Modified texture food and fluids may be recommended

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Modified texture food and fluids may be recommended

Changes to food texture and fluid thickness may assist in the management of dysphagia, and the consistency will depend on the type and severity of swallowing issues. A Speech Pathologist will prescribe suitable consistencies following a swallow assessment, such as pureed food and moderately thick fluids (for more information, visit Australian Standardised Terminology and Definitions of Texture Modified Foods and Fluids).

It is extremely important to follow these recommendations to minimise the risk of choking and other health consequences. 

When people are on modified food and fluids, nutritional intake and hydration can be affected, so it’s important to:
  1. Make sure food looks appetizing

  2. Provide a variety of foods, served separately (not pureed together)

  3. Encourage plenty of fluids in the prescribed consistency

For assistance on preparing nutritionally adequate and appealing modified meals and fluids, speak to a Dietitian or contact your Doctor for a referral.