Resource ThickenUp Hydration


Nestlé Health Science has enhanced the THICKENUP® range to include three levels of pre-thickened products to help people with dysphagia achieve optimal oral hydration.

RESOURCE® THICKENUP® Hydration is a ready-to-drink, thickened beverage which is available in 3 flavours in the following consistencies:

- Mildly Thick – Level 150

- Moderately thick – Level 400

- Extremely thick – Level 900


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The product is available to order from local distributors or via


Please contact consumer services on 1800 671 628 or your Nestlé Health Science Account Specialist for more details.


RESOURCE® THICKENUP® Hydration has been developed in accordance with the Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids1 ensuring safe and compliant fluids to minimise the risk of dehydration.


References: 1Nutrition & Dietetics 2007:64 (Suppl.2.): S53-S76


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RESOURCE® THICKENUP® Clear is food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of people with swallowing difficulties.
Must be used under medical supervision.